Tommy Johnson's Video Soundtracks Volume  1
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This CD contains the soundtracks from Tommy's YouTube videos so you can take the music you love to watch on YouTube, and listen to it everywhere you go!


Tracks Included on this CD are:

1. Ain't Misbehavin'

2. Gimme Dat Ding

3. Canon Rock Boogie

4. Do Lord

5. Closer Walk

6. How Great Thou Art

7. Just Practicing

8. Santa Clause is Coming

9. St. Louis Blues

10.Senior Idol Win

11.Satin Doll

12.Jingle Bell Boogie

13. Look what they've Done to My Song

14.Faster, Faster Boogie

*NOTE: These are the actual soundtracks from Tommy's YouTube Videos and the sound quality is not that of a studio recording. 99% of Tommy's comments have been removed and the sound has been run through a program to enhance it, but they are still live recordings and not studio recordings.)

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